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  1. Hi David,

    You were quite right to send a reminder 🙂

    Unfortunately I’m not following you blook on a regular basis although I find the concept and indeed the process fascinating.

    There are several “chapters” that I find particularly interesting and some of the insight you are sharing with us, your readers, are quite relevant to what I do. Thank you for that.


  2. David,

    I cannot count the number of times I sat through extensive PPT briefings attempting to elicit discussions on solving a given issue, with little to no discussion occurring because everyone was focused on reading the information on the slide (or listening as the briefer read the slides to us – which in my opinion is the true poison of any PPT presentation). You comments about the pub conversations is spot on – we called this bar napkin calculus – as many of the ideas we eventually ended up acting on were sketched out on the back of a bar napkin during conversations in the evenings “after work.”

    I am still working my way through the blook, and so far I am delighted by the form you are using.

    Have you extended your cafes to the British military, and if so, how were they received? From my experience, KM in the US military is too often confused with Information Management – focusing on tools like SharePoint to store vast quantities of information, which sits idle. I can see the value of the café format…but am concerned that applying it to a time-limited decision cycle may not be the best process to use. I’d be interested in your thoughts on this.

    JD Koch

    1. In all my corporate existence I can not recall when we were ever given Café like opportunities to discuss things in small groups. As you say, the real conversations and insights take place informally over coffee or down the pub later. But it is just a change of mindset that is required.

      KM is far too often confused with IM. See:

      No Cafés in the British military.

      My thoughts on lack of time – we need to slow down a little and take the tome to “sharpen the saw” 🙂

      A big thanks for your comments David

  3. Fascinating. I intend to set aside moments to come back here regularly! Trying to convince a set of dispersed facilitators on ‘Capitalisation of Experiences’ to adopt many of your recommendations, both among themselves and together with those they work with… Peter

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