Introduction: Knowledge Café Process

The Knowledge Café has a core process that can be adapted for different purposes and situations. The core process is at the heart of the Café. [Status: stub] Photo Credits:   Lauren Gurteen (Attribution) Last updated: 2nd June, 2016


In the context of the Knowledge Café a round-robin is an optional element at the end of the whole group conversation where the participants sit in a circle and the Café host asks each one in turn to share an actionable insight that they are taking away from the event. [Status: stub – more detail to … Continue reading Round-robin

Report Outs

In a Knowledge Café, there is usually no report outs. When the participants reconvene in a circle after their small group conversations, they take part in a large group conversation. In this session, everyone shares their thoughts and insights. There are no table hosts or chairpeople who report back what was discussed in their small groups. … Continue reading Report Outs

Going off-topic

In my Knowledge Cafés I say that “The question is only a seed. It’s okay to go off topic.” To this I am often asked: “Doesn’t that bring the danger of dissipation of the conversation or cause problems after the participants have changed the tables?” My reply is that the Knowledge Cafe is not about … Continue reading Going off-topic


In the World Cafe and in many workshops, tables are covered in paper and a variety of colored pens are provided so that people can doodle while they are engaged in conversation. Many people love to doodle as they talk and their is research that shows it actually improves our thinking. But I find it … Continue reading Doodling