Connect more

Purposefully connect yourself with more people. Identify the people with whom it makes good sense to build relationships. Both inside and outside the organization. Both operationally and strategically. No permission needed. Face-to-face Find ways to connect with them. Say hello to strangers. Sit next to people you don’t know in meetings. Purposeful versus serendipity. Work … Continue reading Connect more

Connect people

Purposefully connect other people with each other where you can see the benefit. Both inside and outside the organization. Invite two people who you know but who are not aware of each other for coffee or lunch. Arrange two meetings back to back and as the second person arrives introduce them to the first and … Continue reading Connect people

Become a conversational architect

Become a conversational architect. Identify and convene the strategic conversations that need to take place in your organization Resources Blog Post: The Power of the Conversation Architect to Address Complex, Adaptive Challenges by Nancy Dixon [Status: stub] Last updated: 29th May, 2016

Teach others

Encourage and help others to adopt the practices of Conversational Leadership. 1. Informal to close friends and colleges. 2. Formally – run classes or cafes. [Status: stub] Last updated: 29th May, 2016