Audience The audience for this blook is a broad one

2 thoughts on “Audience The audience for this blook is a broad one

  1. I look forward to delving into the blook. I find that the art of conversation is largely lost – with so many people, instead, opting for the use of social media to exchange ideas/thoughts. A ride in an elevator nowadays is different to what it used to be: everyone is face down, clicking away on their smartphones sometimes to the point where they miss their intended floor. The simple smile and “hello” is missing.

    1. So true Stuart. There are so many situations where we miss out on the opportunity for conversation.

      We are sitting in a meeting room waiting for a meeting to start. But we are not present as we are checking our smartphones and we miss the opportunity to chat with the others in the room and to build relationships and deepen trust.

      We also. miss out on the possibility of “serendipitous conversations” where we unexpectedly learn about something or someone we did not know, connect ideas or form new relationships.

      It is this interpersonal, face-to-face, chit-chat that is so important that we miss out on if we have our noses buried in our phones.

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